Life Insurance

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Turning thirty years old marks a major milestone. For many of us, it means achieving a new level of maturity, feeling more responsibility, making better decisions, and an increasing desire to live the life we want.

At Lambert & Pryor Insurance Agency, when our customers hit this exciting milestone, we strongly encourage them to meet with us to discuss life insurance options. Why should you consider buying life insurance so young? Because it is one of the critical cornerstones of financial planning for you, your spouse or partner, and your future family.

If people depend on your income, life insurance can replace that income for them should they survive you at any age. This is not only important to securing the financial future of your partner or young children, but is also applicable to supporting a parent, sibling, or adult child who relies on you. Life insurance can also remove the burden of any posthumous costs, debts and medical expenses not covered by health insurance.

Are you still unsure if a life insurance policy should be a priority for you right now? Contact us at Lambert & Pryor Insurance Agency today and we will gladly discuss the benefits, and any drawbacks, of adding life insurance to your overall financial plan now rather than later.

Financial Services Offerings

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance